Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

  1. No financial data of any kind of any users are stored in an electronic or other form.

  2. Analytics are collected within the applications to allow its creator to deploy tactical fixes and enhancements. No personal data is gathered.

  3. Online hosted services are subject to technical failure, maintenance and downtime. Its creator cannot be held liable for any downtime that may occur with this product or any repercussions this may cause. The unlikely event of downtime may occur due to any technical failure, and no reimbursements will be given unless deemed significant by the creator of this application.

  4. Refunds for the apps are given by Apple in accordance with their terms and conditions.

  5. The password or passphrase used in this application is to prevent other users from using your account. Whilst hashed before stored, third parties still may potentially be able to attain this data. Please do not use a sensitive password for this application.

  6. The creator reserves the right to change the product, price and features at any time without notice, as well as modify this Agreement and to impose new or additional terms on your use of this service.

  7. No more than one account per user (and per Apple ID) is permitted.

  8. Video and audio broadcasting of any description (including TV, radio and Internet) of this effect is prohibited without the written consent of its creator. Violation of this term could result in the termination of your account.

  9. Your data will never be shared with any third parties. In the interests of data security and protection, you can delete your account at any time by emailing service@vision-tricks.com with the subject "delete account" and your username in the body of the email.

  10. A full list of stored data (username, password (hashed), name, date registered can be requested and deleted at any point by emailing the above address.

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