Talk Tools

Communicate with (fake) Siri!
(For entertaining purposes only!)

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Talk Tools let's you simulate Siri!

Talk Tools

This app allows you to communicate with your iOS device in a very natural way. Predefined dialogs are possible, also a seemingly real conversation.

With the power of voice recognition, the iPhone can respond to you and due to this a very realistic feeling can be achieved.

The app can be fed with external data (like other apps, or web services). And due to that, it feels as if the dialogs couldn't been prepared beforehand.

The app comes with preinstalled tricks, ready to perform!

Now it is possible to perform any act in combination with an iPhone - for entertaining purposes only!

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Q & A - Mode
'Q & A' stands for 'Question & Answer'. It can be seen as a database or dictionary. It consists always of two pairs. If you ask for the first value, you retrieve the second value. If you have for example a 'Q & A' of playing cards, it could look like this:

First valueSecond value
OneFour of Clubs
TwoTwo of Hearts
Three Seven of Diamonds

If you start the 'Q & A' and say 'Two', the iPhone responds with the spoken 'Two of Hearts'.

By using this alone, you could perform a dialog, which is very flexible. Because you always get an answer to your question. You could have a dictionary like this:

First valueSecond value
How are youThank you I'm fine
Who is your favourite magicianThis is of course you
Can you help me with this one Sure I could, but today I'm lazy

You don't have to ask the questions in sequence, you can ask them in any order.

You can have a list of jokes or funny lines, etc.

Conversation - Mode
A conversation is a more streamlined performance, since the sequence is predefined. But this streamlined conversation can be enhanced by some 'dynamic' content.

To build a conversation dialog there are currently 4 commands available.

  • Speak

  • Listen

  • Wait

  • Assign

By using keywords, the conversation can be made flexible and very realistic. E.g. the iPhone listens to a name and repeats it later. Also information from any predefined 'Q & A' can be accessed.

You will find many useful and more detailed infos in the help section of the app!

Feature List
  • Let your iPhone speak whatever you want

  • and listen to your voice - and answer accordingly

  • Very easy to use and customize

  • Design your own dialogs

  • Many languages supported

  • Voice Recognition can extract and store info

  • Add info during the performance
    By secretly entering it
    Receiving it from other apps
    Receiving it from other webpages

  • Flexible interface for other apps!

More features will be added by updaes!

Supported Languages by iOS
All of those languages can be set in the app for speaking and voice recognition. I had not the chance to test all of them, since I can speak only German and English. In case of any problems, I will do my best to fix it as quick as possible!


Interface for other Apps
Talk Tools has a very easy-to-use interface, which allows other app developers, to send some information to the Talk-Tools app which then can be used for a reveal or something else.

It is exactly the way as it is already done for the card-order coiming from the Vision:Tricks app.

When data is transferred to Talk Tools and you navigated to a conversation beforehand, this conversation wil automatically start running. So if you want to have this combination of Talk Tools with another app, let the other app developer know - I'm more than happy to share the technical details!

Great thanks goes to:

  • Nicolai Friedrich & Martin Lübcke for the basic idea.

  • Nicolai Friedrich for further improvements.

  • Nico Scholl & Alexander Kölle for their ideas and finding bugs, nobody else would have found!

  • Nico Scholl for the great 3D visualizations!

  • Jürgen Kretschmer (Master Miracles) for valuable feedback regarding the UI.